Messy Tessy

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While babysitter Aunt Fran is asleep, Messy Tessy finds humorous and amusing ways to entertain herself. With ever turn of the page enjoy the mischief that unfolds.



5.0 out of 5 stars



My daughter who is 5 will be receiving this gift. She just started Kindergarten and she is read to every night. She is also making up her own stories by looking at the pictures. I was so happy to see this on "The Balancing Act" and meet the author. Her child has CF and I was happy that proceeds of her book will be fighting this disease.


My son liked it too!

ByK. Herbrand 

Messy Tessy is a cute story about a little girl whose babysitter (Aunt Fran) falls asleep while watching her. Tessy gets into a lot of things while Aunt Fran is sleeping - from playing salon with her dolls, to practicing her words on the wall, and even playing dress up with her mom's makeup!

But it is so much more than a cute rhyming story. It is written by Leah Orr and her 3 daughters - the youngest has Cystic Fibrosis- and illustrated by their grandma Josephine Lepore. Profits of this book, as well as her 2 prior books, Kyle's First Crush and Kyle's First Playdate, go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Between these profits and participation in local CF walks over the past 7 years, Orr has raised more than $400,000 for CF research. CF is an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of nearly 70,000 children and adults worldwide and Orr's personal goal is to not only raise awareness of the disease, but also raise $1,000,000. Cystic Fibrosis has a personal place in my life, as I had two cousins who were born with this disease.

But this book isn't just for little girls, after the first time I read it to my son - he immediately wanted me to read it to him again. He got a big kick out of "surprise" that didn't get put away at the end!

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Cute Story for Little Girls

Tessy is one of the messiest little girls that you will ever meet. She gets into loads of mischief while her babysitter (Aunt Fran) naps. Girls will love Tessy's creativity in playing with make-up paint... and other things! The story itself is quick enough to maintain interest and as nice rhythm that will bring smiles to their face. I now it seems like I being overly enthusiastic, but in truth their is not much not to like.

As a side-note the author (Leah Orr) uses the proceeds from her books to help benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, so not only are you purchasing a cute boo but you are also helping to support a great cause.

5 Stars

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5.0 out of 5 stars

A DELIGHTFUL READ OF AN OH SO TYPICAL LITTLE GIRL. This one most certainly belongs in your child's library.
ByD. Blankenship


I must say that I read this wonderful little book by Leah Orr with a smile on my face and a whimsical nostalgic feeling in my heart. Being a father of a wonderful daughter and the grandfather of four wonderful grandchildren who have been a big part in our lives, I could so very much identify with this work. Little Messy Tessy is quite like my daughter was at that age; even sort of looks like her. That daughter, by the way, has been teaching first grade for over twenty years now, so her "messy ways" certainly did not have a detrimental impact on her life.

This is an extremely well written little book for the wee ones. The text is done in a rhyming fashion with a series of well crafted couplets. Now these are not couplets of the nonsense nature with nonsense, no, no! These are extremely well done and a lot of thought has been put into them; they actually tell a story! When you have an author that can write, and write well, and who has an obvious deep knowledge of her subject, i.e. kids in general, little girls in specific, then you have a sure fire winner on your hands.

The story here is simple but oh so true and oh so typical. Tessy is left in the care of her aunt while her mom goes to the gym. It is in the nature of aunts to fall asleep during such times, and it is the nature of little girls and little boys to take advantage of that situation. Messy Tessy indeed! There was not one trick our messy little girl tried that my daughter did not try at that age; as a matter of fact, not one trick each of my grandsons did not try when "grandpa" was babysitting them, and like the aunt, fell asleep on the job!

And let's take a look at the illustrations in this work. Well done! Each plate is done in what appears to be colored pencil and at first glance is quite simple. The reader needs to take a closer look though. Simple they might seem, but they are so very well executed and there is so much more detail in each offering than one would first guess. The colors and blends of colors are actually quite sophisticated and I was so glad that the three characters in the book were not dressed to the hilt, and heaven forbid, color coordinated! Hey folks, that is not real life! This is good art work on display here and the artist has done a very professional job. The pictures go perfectly with the text.

This is a delightful read-along book which portrays a child being a child with no preachy pretense what so every...something I have become a bit concerned with of late with children's literature. Kids need to the kids and the author has let little Tessy be one. I like that! It is also obvious, which the reader can tell just via the nuances found page after page, that this child is loved. I liked that too!

It should be noted that all profits from this book go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, to help fight this horrific disease and condition. I cannot think of a better organization to benefit.

Anyway, we have some good writing here, good art work, a great read along book and one that will not drive the adult reader out of their minds when they have to read it over and over again. What more could you ask for? I only hope we will hear much more from this author and artist in the future...there is some real talent on display here!

Add this one to your child's library; it is bound to be a big hit.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks